In no particular order, here are my favorite photos from 2015 (and even a little bit about each moment)

This one seems pretty self explanatory.  How adorable is Taysha.  Totally candid, my boyfriend was asking her if she could do some crazy dance move and he tried to imitate it, it wasn’t pretty but this picture came from it.

An iPhone shot at the end of a long shoot.  I asked my favorite models to run into the water and kiss.  It was a gorgeous night and I love the moon and the gradient of the sky.

Selfie game strong.  It’s always fun trying to find interesting ways to take a self portrait.

I’ve never seen a sunflower field before.  It was a magical experience.  It was so still and there was a little sway to all of the flowers.  They just kept going.  We felt like we were in a calendar or a snow globe.  So unreal.

My favorite evil cat.  She sits on the kitchen table when she wants to be petted, I whipped my camera out one day and caught this.  She looks as though she’s plotting world domination.

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